Teach Us To Pray - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Teach Us To Pray – Hallowed Be Thy Name: Discussion Questions 1. Have you ever experienced a time when you felt overwhelmed (in a good way) by the holiness of God. 2. How might seeing God in His holiness and power and greatness impact your prayer life in a positive way. 3. Explain in your own words the difference between being afraid of God and fearing God. 4. Do you think there might be a connection between “fearing ... [...]

Teach Us To Pray - Our Father in Heaven

Teach Us to Pray – Our Father in Heaven: Discussion Questions1. What kinds of “father stories” do you bring into your relationship with God? How havethose stories affected your relationship with God?2. Imagine out loud together the Star Wars story if Yoda could have assured Luke, “TheForce loves you.”3. Describe the difference between the life of a slave and the life of a child heir– both inliteral and ... [...]

Teach Us To Pray - Introduction

Teach Us to Pray – Intro: Discussion Questions 1. What images, memories, or thoughts come to mind when you hear the Lord’s Prayer? 2. What part of the Lord’s Prayer sticks out to you? Is there a part that especially resonates with you? 3. Is there any part of the Lord’s Prayer that you have questions about or that’s confusing to you? 4. If you feel comfortable sharing, what has been your experience ... [...]

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