Ephesians - 2:11-22

Series: Ephesians
Discussion Questions:

1.       Imagine your life far away from Christ, “without hope and without God” (verse 12). Describe what your life might look like or feel like in that scenario. Considering the reality that you are actually near to God in Christ, what kind of response does that create in you – both vertically (toward God) and horizontally (toward people)?

2.       Where have you seen or experienced “dividing walls of hostility” in the world and/or in your own life?

3.       Are there people (groups or individuals) with to whom you’ve had a difficult time relating? Describe that and how this passage might speak to you about those relationships.

4.       Imagine a Jewish Israeli and a Muslim Arab-Israeli both becoming followers of Christ and now sitting in a living room next to each other for their Life Together Church. What would this passage mean for the two of them? Apply that lesson to our own Life Together Churches – what are the lessons we learn for our relationships to each other?

5.       Consider Paul’s metaphors of citizenship, family (i.e., household), and a building. How does each one of those metaphors describe the Christian life – both individually and in community?

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