Ephesians - 4:1-6

Series: Ephesians
Discussion Questions:
  1. Read the text again as a group – Eph 4:1-6
  2. Reading between the lines, what problems do you think Paul was concerned about in Ephesus?
  3. What qualities ought to characterize “a life worthy of the calling”?
  4. What happens when believers live out these qualities?  
  5. How does each of the four qualities listed in verse 2 promote unity?
  6. Which of these four qualities do you need most in your life personally?  What relationships will profit from developing that quality now?
  7. How does viewing God as Father (not just as Creator or Judge) add to our unity?
  8. Anything else you think the Lord may be saying to you or to our group through this text?
(Note:  Most of the questions for this week was taken from the Serendipity Bible.  Copyright (C) 1988 by Serendipity House, Littleton, Colorado 80160)

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