Ephesians Wrap Up: Go and Claim It!

Series: Ephesians

Questions for the Ephesians Wrap Up:

1.       What do you think the response was from the Ephesian believers when they heard Paul’s letter read to them?

2.       Remember some of the characteristics of Ephesus in the 1st century: major port city, business center, religious pluralism (i.e., lots of different religions / beliefs to choose from), Greek philosophy, etc. In what ways is the place and time that you live in similar or dissimilar to ancient Ephesus? How does Paul’s letter to the Ephesians apply specifically to where you live?

3.       What has been the most meaningful and significant part of our Ephesians study for you?

4.       If there is one passage in Ephesians that you could memorize, what would it be?

5.       Drawing on the story at the end of the video, how does Ephesians speak to our inheritance and the mandate to go and claim it? (Hint: Think about the two halves of the letter.)

6.       What concretely will it look like for you to go and claim the inheritance that is yours in Christ?

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