Spiritual Practices: Solitude

Series: Spiritual Disciplines
  1. Do you like to be alone or is solitude hard for you?  Why?
  2. Read 1 Kings 19:11-13a.  How did the Lord speak to Elijah?
  3. If one of the ways God speaks to us is in a gentle whisper, what would you do if you were Satan and wanted to prevent God's people from hearing His voice?
  4. If having a consistent "quiet time" with the Lord has been a practice of yours, share with the group what has worked for you and what hasn't.  (Note to Leader:  if you have new Christians in your group, explain what the term "quiet time" means and make note of other phrases used (i.e. like "morning devotions", etc)).
  5. If you have never had a consistent quiet time or if you've fallen out of this practice, discuss some practical steps you will take this week to remedy this.  Share with each other ideas. 

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