Teach Us To Pray - Deliver Us From Evil

Discussion Questions
Series: Teach Us To Pray
  1. Scripture speaks of three enemies for the Christian: the world, the flesh and the devil. Which of these three “enemies” we have are you most concerned about and why? 
  2. Read through Ephesians 6:10-17 and discuss what you think each of the pieces of the Armor of God means. What would you actually put each of these on?
    • Belt of truth
    • Breastplate of righteousness
    • Shoes of the gospel of peace
    • Shield of faith
    • Helmet of salvation
    • Sword of the Spirit
  3. Read Galatians 5:16-17. How do you “walk by the Spirit”? What does that look like?
  4. Read Romans 12:1. How do you “renew your mind”?

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