Teach Us To Pray - Our Father in Heaven

Series: Teach Us To Pray
Teach Us to Pray – Our Father in Heaven: Discussion Questions

1. What kinds of “father stories” do you bring into your relationship with God? How have
those stories affected your relationship with God?

2. Imagine out loud together the Star Wars story if Yoda could have assured Luke, “The
Force loves you.”

3. Describe the difference between the life of a slave and the life of a child heir– both in
literal and spiritual terms.

4. Consider our two Bible passages: the story of the Running Father and the Galatians
passage about slavery and sonship. Was there a certain word, phrase, or idea that stood
out to you?

5. N.T. Wright gives this description of prayer: “whenever we pray, this is what we are
coming to do: to pursue the mystery, to listen and respond to the voice we thought we just
heard, to follow the light which beckons round the next corner, to lay hold of the love of
God which has somehow already laid hold of us.” What do you think of his description?
What other kinds of descriptors would you add?

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