Starting Our Life Together

For those who would like to explore together as a group whether starting a Life Together Church is for you, we have developed something we call "Starting Our Life Together" 120 day module.  This is a fifteen week cell church/house church curriculum we have designed for pastors, church leaders and churches who are interested in getting a taste for what church in the home is really like. 

It is our contention that real “church at home” is somewhat different than the small group experiences that many people have had. Therefore, this is not merely a small group curriculum, it is specifically designed for church in the home. Because of our backgrounds, we typically refer to church-in-the-home as “cell church” and each church group as a “cell.” This terminology is not that important. Our material applies well to any group that wants to experience church in the context of small groups, or to put it another way, church that is close to the New Testament way of doing it. House church, organic church, alternative church and cell-church – all these models can be served by this material. 

For each of the 15 weeks we have provided 

  • A resource called "Sermon Notes" which provides biblical exposition of a scripture passage as well as practical ways to relate that passage to cell ministry. 
  • A cell meeting agenda detailing the various parts of the cell meeting, offering questions for discussion, and suggestions for leading and for clock control. 
  • Three times during the fifteen weeks, your group should do a service project – simply spend an evening, or day serving others in a way that shows the love of Jesus. Instructions and suggestions are contained within the material.

We also support the leader of your group by meeting weekly via conference call.  And to kick it all off, we'll come out to your group and do a start-up workshop giving you training and orientation.  Video worship leading resources are also available.