Church Planting Resources

Life Together Church Ministry Offerings

Life Together Churches can be rapidly started and supported without trained pastoral leadership because of a well-designed set of offerings that provide all the required resources and services. The offerings leverage Internet technologies to create a network of churches that work together in mutual support.  Email, web, interactive voice and video undergird many aspects of the network to enhance communications, training, and support.  Together with strategic opportunities for face-to-face gatherings, the network provides an optimal mix of approaches to support the local small group worshiping community while helping it to feel an important part of the larger virtual parish.

The following services make up a well rounded system to get Life Together Churches started quickly and to maintain their life and mission.

Startup Workshop – This is a face-to-face, day long workshop to help local leaders and participants get their Life Together Church started quickly and effectively.  

Pastoral Leadership – Theologically trained Lutheran pastors provide ongoing leadership for the network which is configured as a virtual parish. 

Leadership Coaching – Leaders of Life Together Churches are encouraged to join the Pastoral Leadership Team in weekly interactive video sessions to support their learning and development.

Starting Our Life Together – This is a series of worship plans and group activities designed to take a new congregation through its first 120 days.  The content focuses on rediscovering the nature of church life in the New Testament.  This timeframe is often used as a trial period for the group, ending in an evaluation about whether to continue.  Click here for more info.

Weekly Worship Plan – A basic worship plan is designed and published for each week to support worship in small group worship settings.  This plan can be adjusted or replaced as needed by local Life Together Church leaders at their discretion.

Parish Network Communications – The network provides website, social networking facilities, and a monthly email newsletter to help local groups gain a sense of the greater community of Life Together Churches.

Discipleship Education – Life Together Churches provides a coordinated system for training Christian disciples of all ages.  This offering addresses or replaces the traditional categories of Sunday School, Bible Study, Lutheran Confessions, Missions, Stewardship, Confirmation & Youth Ministry Program, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry.  [In Development]

Conferences and Retreats – Regional conferences and local retreats provide opportunities for members of LTCs to gather and get a sense of the larger church and to receive training and encouragement.  [In Development]