Worship Leading Resources for Home Based Worshipping Communities

COVID-19 Notice:  Hey all - did these worship videos 12 years ago.  Any churches or groups needing some kind of online worship resource, feel free to use any of the below for free.  Some are better than others.  All are better than nothing :) .  Each is blended worship - contemporary songs and hymns with some liturgical elements sprinkled throughout.  - Peter

For a cell group or house church meeting to be effective and healthy, worship must be an integral part.  This is one aspect that separates cell church from a regular small group bible study - congregational worship is experienced by participants of a cell group or house church gathering.  However, not every cell group or house church may have a gifted worship leader or musician.  This need not be an obstacle to worship in the small group context.  Often we make worship more complicated than it needs to be.  Simply reading a Psalm responsively, singing a hymn or chorus acapella and speaking prayers of praise can be a wonderfully simple experience of real worship at the congregational level - even if the "congregation" consists of six or seven persons.

Still, there is something to be said for a good worship leader or liturgist guiding a gathering.  For those seeking more help in the area of worship for their cell group or house church gathering, we're developing worship leading videos which can be used as a tool by a person in your group designated as the "worship facilitator".  These videos feature an experienced worship leader guiding a small house church gathering through a time of worship.  These worship leading videos will fall into one of three categories as regards style:

  1. Traditional
  2. Blended
  3. Contemporary

The worship videos linked below are our blended worship videos (NOTE:  blended worship is contemporary worship that incorporates the key historical components of the Christian liturgy - i.e. an introit, confession, absolution, etc.).  If you're not part of the Life Together Churches network but would still like to use any of these videos for your worship gatherings, please feel free to do so.  If so, you may want to consider donating to our Life Together Churches network to help support the planting of new churches and the developing of further resources.